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25 Keys to Increase Your Creativity, Productivity, and Self-Esteem

In Unlock the Blocks Dr. Rachel Ballon leads you through twenty-five therapy sessions, complete with writing exercises, that will help you break through the barriers that are holding you back—in life, in your writing and in your art.

Rather than simply offer quick-fix tricks to temporarily overcome surface issues such as procrastination and perfectionism, Unlock the Blocks digs deep, inviting you to explore the core problems that have trapped you in a negative spiral of self-defeating beliefs and low self-esteem.

As you practice the free-flowing Ballon Method Writing and reconnect with your childlike sense of wonderment, you’ll clear your barriers to Creativity. Discover new strategies that free up your creative juices and move forward with confidence that your creative possibilities are endless.



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Breathing Life into your Characters
How to give your characters emotional & psychological depth

In Breathing Life into Your Characters psychotherapist Dr. Rachel Ballon teaches writers how to use the principles of psychology to understand their characters better than they ever thought possible. Through a mix of instruction, examples from film and fiction, writing and visualization exercises, readers learn how to tap into their own stories, sensory memories, and emotions to create realistic, complex characters through "method writing."

"As a mythologist who works with archetypes, I highly recommend Dr. Rachel Ballon's book, "Breathing Life Into Your Characters". Dr. Ballon's book offers a professional's insight into what makes characters tick. For the writer, director, or actor, this is invaluable information to help shape your story characters. Buy this book, read it through for a better understanding of human psychology, then come back to it again and again to fine-tune your characters."

Pamela Jaye Smith,
author of Inner Drives and The Power of the Dark Side

I have attended seminars at the American Film Institute, UCLA, StoryCon, the Writers Store, and many other venues where Rachel leads people through exercises in understanding characters. I have listened afterwards to their comments. "Amazing, I didn't know I had that in me." "I was afraid at first, but it really opened up a wellspring of emotion." "The free-flow helped me free my ideas." "There was something my character was hiding and I couldn't get past it. Dr. Ballon's exercise helped me dig deeper and find the real motivation." These are the sorts of comments her work elicits.

The layout of the book makes it easy to locate certain character types and flaws and then goes into clear detail about how to use these flaws to create believable story characters.



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The Writer's Portable Therapist
25 Sessions to a Creativity Cure
Designed to overcome the blocks experienced by every creative professional, this inspiring book will become your constant companion.

"Rachel Ballon's The Writer's Portable Therapist will prove useful to every writer who comes up against that great impediment to deep and regular writing – the writer's own personality."

Eric Maisel
Coaching the Artist Within



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Blueprint for Screenwriting
A Complete Writer's Guide to Story Structure and Character Development
Indispensable for screenwriters, novelists, and professional writers.



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Breathing Life into your Characters
How to give your characters emotional & psychological depth

Whether you are a professional writer who needs fine tuning or a novice who to demystify the writing process, Dr. Rachel Ballon will assist you to create a unique idea, tell the story effectively, and sell the finished product.

"I love your book!! I'm working on two scripts right now, a one-hour pilot and a screenplay – both are heavily character driven so I am finding your book especially helpful. Your whole approach is so different from any other writing book and it's wonderful."
Ellen Sandler
Comedy writer on
Everybody Loves Raymond


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Blueprint for Writing
A Writer's Guide to Ceativity Craft & Career

Blueprint for Writing is a one-stop book, whether you are a professional writer who might need some fine tuning or a novice who wants a guide to demystify the writing process. Dr. Rachel Ballon will motivate you to create a unique idea, use a framework to tell the story, and take the finished product and sell it.



To buy a copy of The Writer's Sourcebook, please contact Rachel directly at rachwrite@aol.com.

The Writer's Sourcebook
From Writing Blocks to Writing Blockbusters

At one time or another everybody feels compelled to write, so it's not surprising that writing is the #1 hobby in the U.S. The Writer's Sourcebook shows you how to turn a hobby into a marketable product. Rachel explains the writing process step by step, including telling your story, setting up structure and conflict, and developing characters. Guidance is provided for various writing genres, including fiction, nonfiction, and screenwriting.

The Writer's Sourcebook is your complete guide to the art, craft and selling of your writing. Dr. Ballon reveals how to target the right market for your work. She shows you how to overcome common problems when working with agents, editors and publishers. Whether you're writing poetry, biography, autobiography, scripts, or novels, this invaluable book will enlighten, inspire and motivate you to get the most from your writing experience.