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The Writer's Center is Your Creativity and Heart  
Counseling services

For creative artists, screenwriters, novelists, and professionals; in person, over the phone, and by e-mail.

- Unlock personal blocks

- Increase self-esteem

- Release negative, self-defeating emotions and take charge of your life

- Writing to heal

Writing to Heal, using Fast Flow Writing™, is a powerful tool for personal growth, change and healing. Expressive writing enables us to tap into the unconscious, liberate repressed emotions, encounter personal blocks, and explore our different selves. For writers and nonwriters alike, Rachel uses writing techniques to bypass the inner critic and help us become unstuck in our lives. Painful experiences and self-defeating behaviors can be transformed into a sense of meaning and purpose through rewriting life narratives.

Writing to Heal for individual self-expression, self-discovery and self-empowerment allows self-awareness – the first step towards change. Healing through writing explores how the written word cuts through personal blocks and barriers to promote new insights, emotional growth, and transformation.